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Author  S. B. Broacha
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 17, 2012
Pages  32

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Caledonian Station Hotel, on 3ist July 1908, under the chairmanship of Mr R. H. APPOO, to do honour to MrS. B. BROACHA, one of the Patrons of the Edinburgh Parsi Union, on the occasion of his visit to the City of Edinburgh. The following were unavoidably prevented from being present: Lord Provost Gibson, Lord Guthrie, Lord Dundas, Lord Salvesen, and Sir William Turner. A mong others, there were present: Sir Alexander Simpson, Sir George A nderson, Bailie Maxton, Ex-P resident of the Royal College of Surgeons, Ex-P resident of the Merchant A ssociation, Col. A rnott, M.D., Mr Drennan, Mr Matheson and many others. After the loyal toasts were duly honoured, the Chairman, in a most felicitous and eloquent speech proposed the health of the chief Guest of the evening, and on behalf of the Union availed himself of the opportunity of presenting him with an illuminated address and a casket, as a token of gratitude and esteem in which the members held him.
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