Xenophons Hellenica Selections, Edited With Introduction...


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Author  Carleton Lewis Brownson Xenophon
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 1, 2012
Pages  456

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It was Xenophon sfortune in the Helknica to speak after such masters as Herodotus and Thucydides and to deal with an age of less momentous events than those which they described. He is, nevertheless, the able historian of a most interesting period. He would have deserved well of the world if he had done no more than tell the story of the closing years of the Peloponnesian War; to this, however, he has added a description of the gallant struggle of conquered A thens to win back her lost liberty and power, of the masterful though ungenerous rule of Sparta, and of the successful striving of the Thebans for primacy and glory. He does not introduce us to a Themistocles or a Pericles, yet his A gesilaus and Epaminondas are characters scarcely less interesting. Still more important to the student of history, he fills almost alone the gap between the Greece of the fifth century and the Greece of the time of Philip of Macedon, completing the record of the old era and tracing the development of the new conditions and problems which confronted Demosthenes. The primary aim of this edition of the Helknica has been to include within one volume of reasonable size those portions of Xenophon swork which are historically most important. In the first two books nothing has been omitted; in the following books enough has been retained to enable the reader to follow the main historical current and the fortunes of the most prominent characters. The result is a body of text about equivalent in amount to the first four books. Wherever chapters or parts of chapters are omitted, brief summaries of them are provided, in order to keep the connection unbroken and to make later allusions intelligible.
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