Han to Han


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Author  Yotsu Me
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 2, 2012
Pages  318

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Regardless of my want of talent I respectfully write you these few lines, having crossed over the waves of ten thousand leagues of sea, from A lbion, the island of the white cliffs, hopeful that in the hot summer days when the Semi (cicada), sings his loudest and the lulling notes of the siren fish, Kajika, reach you from the rippling river, they will induce that pleasant repose in which your sleep-thoughts, and words, and sights shall be only of peace in the Orient, of a smiling land, and of a happy people grateful to the Giver of All Goodness for the blessings of peace, the kindly fruits of the earth, the works of the silkworm, of the cotton plant, the fish of the rivers and sea, and all with no fear of the imminence of the Don Don of the wardrum, the Doro Doro of the great gun, the Goro um Goro um of the bursting shell, the Riu Riu, Piyo-O Piyo-0 of the rifle bullet, the trickling, Jita Jita, of the red hearts blood flowing from the mouth made by the white sword, the Para, Para, of the tear-drops which will come in privacy for those gone and coming not, the crackling of burning villages, the harsh dry cries of the sick in a far land struck down by beri-beri, typhoid, and other ills. These have been the thoughtpictures of Dai Nippon for more than a century and now What says the proverb? Past gone affairs clear as a mirror are, coming affairs obscure as lacquer are ;but does not the shadow of great events preH.
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