Rising Japan


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Author  Jabez Thomas Sunderland
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 14, 2012
Pages  242

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This thoughtfid and interesting book by Dr. Sunderland will serve a timely purpose in the interpretation of Japan and in the refutation of the many malicious falsehoods circulated about that cotmtry. It is forttmate that this publication follows so closely the startling disclosures of our own Department of State, and the pointed observation of Viscotmt I shii, of the Special Mission of Japan which has recently visited the United States, that: The agent of Germany in this country and in ours has had as his one purpose the feeding of our passions, our prejudices, and our distrust on a specially prepared German concoction, until, drugged and inflamed, we might have taken the irrevocable step over the edge, and at his leisure the vulture might have fattened upon our remains.
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