The Evolution of the Olympic Games Bc


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Author  F. A. M. Webster
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 11, 2012
Pages  318

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It is only since our dismal failure at Stockholm in 1912 that the Modern Olympic Games have aroused any vital interest in the mind of the man in the street, and even then it has been a mere passing feeling of shame that we should fall so low as to be beaten by even the lesser European nations, who for generations past have been our pupils in all sporting pastimes. Moreover, the judgment of the pub Hchas been passed upon the Olympic Games without a real knowledge of the ancient festivals, their purpose and practice, or why they have been revived in modern times. Through the genius and tactful care of Baron Pierre de Coubertin, and after years of careful research, the Modern Olympic Games are at last reaching a pitch of perfection which will still more nearly approach its consummation after the International Congress held in Paris this year to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the foundation of the Olympic movement. At the Congress it is hoped to arrive at an amateur definition which will be acceptable to all nations ;this should do much to clear away that which has been a source of some slight bitterness of feeling in the past. My desire, in offering this book to the public, is that a better understanding of the Olympic movement may be acquired and a greater interest in athletics generated in the minds of the rising generation. Much misconception and many unfair hits have done much to retard a movement from which surely nothing but good can accrue, for the healthy cult of athletics is bound to raise the physical standard of the young manhood of the world, with all its attendant virtues of mind and body control engendered by the discipline of training. These great quadrennial meetings must also lead to a better understanding by the youths of the nations of each others virtues, shortcomings, and limitations; and this in itself is good. For it must not be f
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