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Author  Pan-Epirotic Union In America
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 10, 2012
Pages  40

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In the month of May we addressed to your Excellency a memorandum stating the reasons for which we believed that the Districts of Korytsa and Kolonia should be united with Greece.1 That memorandum was signed by nearly 2,000 natives of those Districts, residents of the United States of A merica. The Pan-A lbanian Federation in America has replied a few months later, accusing us of having deliberately misstated the case of the Districts of Korytsa and Kolonia. We ask, therefore, the indulgence of the Peace Conference to reply to those accusations briefly: (1) We are attacked because in our memorandum of May we stated that the Christian population of those Districts constitutes the object of the Peace Delegation sconcern. In that statement the Christian Epirotes were far from advocating that the interests of Mohammedans should be sacrificed to the Christian Epirotes. We have merely stated the opinion already expressed at the Peace Conference that whenever Christians and Moslems are intermixed in nearly equal numbers and a decision is to be made as to who should have the right of governing the other, it has always followed the policy of placing the Moslems under the government of Christians, rather than of placing the Christians under Moslem rule. (2) We regret that the Albanian memorandum conveys the impression that our statement concerning the sentiments of the 47,827 Christians in Korytsa and Kolonia was based solely on letters that are supposed to have been received from people living in those Districts, and upon fantastical school statistics in regard to the District of Korytsa. 2O ur memorandum of last May asks the Peace Conference to refer to the French Military Governor of Korytsa and receive from him 1S ee Appendix 1. 2S ee Appendix
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