Armenia and the Armenians


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Author  Kevork Aslan
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 2, 2012
Pages  174

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Paris, in the French language, an octavo volume of some 500 pages entitled Etudes Historiques sur le Peuple Armenian covering the history of Armenia from the earliest times to the eleventh century. This edition is now out of print. Subsequently there was also published in French a condensed edition of the same work, carrying the story, however, from the earliest times down to the present day. The first edition of this smaller volume having been exhausted a new and revised edition has been prepared for publication in French and it has been thought appropriate to issue contemporaneously therewith an English translation. The author ventures to express the hope that the English edition of his work will meet with the same favor that has been accorded the original French text. In issuing this English edition it has been deemed necessary, in quite a number of instances, to depart from the French transliteration of A rmenian, Persian and other foreign names. The phonetic value of certain English letters differs somewhat from the sound which the French associate with the same character and this difference has made it necessary to modify the transliteration of the Oriental original.
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