The Aryan Race


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Author  Charles Morris
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 11, 2012
Pages  358

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A ryan Race, that great and noble family of mankind which has played so striking a part upon the stage of the world ;to seek it in its primitive home, observe the unfoldment of its beliefs and institutions, follow it in its migrations, consider the features of its intellectual supremacy, and trace the steps by which it has gained its present high position among the races of mankind. The story of this people, despite the great interest which surrounds it, remains unwritten in any complete sense. There are many books, indeed, which deal with it fragmentarily, some devoted to its languages, others to its mythology, folk-lore, village communities, or to some other single aspect of its many sided story; yet no general treatment of the subject has been essayed, and the inquirer who wishes to learn what is known of this interesting people must painfully delve through a score of volumes to gain the desired information. Until within a recent period the actual existence of such a race was not clearly recognized.
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