Quaint Corners of Ancient Empires


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Author  Michael Myers Shoemaker
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 14, 2012
Pages  330

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Spanish American war, but, so far, no apology is needed for presenting to our public any work upon the Philippines. If an increase of the army is demanded for these islands it will not be long before every State in the Union will have men there in whom they are directly interested, and the theatre in which those soldiers must play their parts, and perhaps end their lives, cannot but be of interest to those left behind them, especially to their wives, mothers, and sisters. Therefore I venture to think that the following account of the city of Manila with its surroundings will prove acceptable. If it helps the women who wait, and who in so doing fight the hardest of all battles, to tide over any of the weary hours, it will have more than accomplished its purpose. I have told the story of the friars in the Philippines as I learned it from the highest English and American authorities in Manila, all men who have lived there for years, as I have read it in that standard work of Foreman s, The Philippine I slands, and also as the official records give it.
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