A History of the Precious Metals, from the Earliest...


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Author  J. L. Comstock
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 9, 2012
Pages  228

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At the present time, when not only the people of our country, but those of most of the civilized nations of the earth, have their attention turned to the sudden acquisition of wealth, by the extraction of the precious metals from the earth, it was thought that a history of these metals, from the period of their earliest use, the sources whence they were obtained their quantity and value at different periods of the world their effects on the prices of commodities, together with their cost, and a statement of the success or fall of former mining companies, would present a mass of information which many would desire to possess, but which few among our busy population would have either the time or the means of collecting. With respect to our sources of information, it will be seen that many authorities are quoted in the body of the work, and among them Mr.
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