Leaders of Israel


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Author  George Livingston Robinson I). (Leipzig)
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 9, 2012
Pages  262

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I srael. A ccordingly, we have endeavored to correlate about some twenty-four outstanding Leaders the principal events of Old Testament history from the earliest times to the overthrow of Jerusalem by Titus in the year 70 A. D. The constant aim has been to assist the student who wishes to blaze his way, so to speak, through the Old Tes tament and trace the events chronologically. This brief epitome, therefore, having been written with a definite purpose, and according to a prescribed plan, is not in tended to be exhaustive, but suggestive. The Bible ac count should, section by section, be read first; for, while the story is so written as to be read continuously it is directly contrary to our intention to take the Bible out of the readers hand-. In our attitude, we have endeavored to be constructive. Mere theories have found no place, but facts have been vloomed from every source, critical and archaeological. Tinscriptural quotations are taken from the American Kvi- l Version, Standard Edition, which we commend most cordially to the student as the very best English version of the Bible yet made. Numerous maps and charts have been inserted as a pil.l.- help to the reader. A simple, one-page diagram sometimes conveys more information than r..iil lIM -xpn-sod by words in an entire rhaptrr.
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