Pope's Translation of Homer's Iliad


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Author  William Tappan
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 18, 2012
Pages  150

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The principal aim in this edition of a portion of Pope s Iliad has been to present a correct text, with such introduction and commentary as are needed by pupils in secondary schools for a reasonably thorough appreciation of the poem. The first requisite is an unblemished text; for no amount of commentary or of well-constructed tables can compensate for the harm done by a careless and inaccurate text. It has not, of course, been deemed advisable to retain the obvious errors and vagaries in spelling and punctuation found in the earliest editions. Moreover, some other changes have been made in orthography, to conform to present usage. The following classes of forms have been discarded: the elided verb form in -y d, as unbury d, replyd, etc.; the form in -ck of such words as public, majestic, etc.; the preterit and participle in -of verbs ending in ans sound, as addrest, crost,fixt, etc. For the last-named class the elided form, which was common at the time, has been given, as addressed, cross d, fix d. The following, also, found in early editions, have been rejected: midst, till, off, yon cou d, shou d, wou d; eer(vrhen used for ere); aukward, battel, cawl, chace, chearful and chearless, controul, croud, dazling, rouze, suspence, traytor.
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