Greek Lessons


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Author  Alpheus Crosby Xenophon
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 6, 2012
Pages  128

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It might once have been necessary to introduce a work like this with a labored argument to prove the importance of connecting exercises in reading and writing a language withthe study of its grammar. Happily for the cause of education, that necessity no longer exists. At the same time, it appears to me entirely obvious, that it is best, in most cases, that the student should learn the first principles of a language from the grammar which he is afterwards to use, and not from a book of lessons or exercises which he will study for a short time, and then throw aside not to be again taken up. No one is ignorant of the peculiar tenacity of first impressions, and of the great dependence of the memory upon local association. It may be added, that, in the gradual work of learning the grammatical system of a language, it contributes greatly to rapid, thorough, and permanent attainment, that each point, as it is learned, should be learned in its appropriate place as a part of the system. Classification thus goes hand in hand with acquisition ;and, instead of constituting a separate work requiring additional labor, presents itself as a tightener of the students
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