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Author  James Moore
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 4, 2012
Pages  118

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We hring our years to an end as a tale that is told. There have been brave men before A gamernmen, and heroes as illustrious as those who fought and bled around the doomed city, Troy. As wise men as Ulysses may have flourished before that worthy existed, though his prudence stands almost unequaled in Grecian story. The lapse of time certainly has brought forth as heroic chieftains as A chilles, though few, like him, could boast a goddess as his mother. He was mortal like others, and, though in the heel only vulnerable, stands yet as an example, that men may not be too self-confident. In fact, even Hector himself, though brave to a fault, could not save Ilium from perishing; and there is neither Greek nor Trojan of the Homeric celebrity, that did not come off without room for a single boast.
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