The Silver Age of Latin Literature


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Author  Walter Coventry Summers
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 6, 2012
Pages  350

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Silver Latin is often applied loosely to all the post-A ugustan literature of Rome :in this book it has been reserved for that earlier part of it which, in spite of a definite decline in taste and freshness, deserves nevertheless to be sharply distinguished from the baser metals of the imitative or poverty-stricken periods which followed. I hope that what I have written may be of service to professed students of Latin, and the notes are almost entirely devoted to their interests. It is, however, the general reader that I have had mainly in view, a fact which has made it necessary to Eng Hsh all illustrative extracts. I felt very strongly that renderings from poets must be themselves in verse :I could wish it had been otherwise. For many of the passages had never been translated into English verse, and, where they had been, the translations seemed almost invariably too free to serve my purpose, which was to give the reader a tolerably accurate conception of what the poet wrote, not, as for instance Dryden swas, to make the poet speak such English as he would have spoken if he had been born in England and in this present age.
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