The Intention of the Prometheus Bound of Aeschylus...


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Author  Josiah Royce
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 6, 2012
Pages  28

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Primarily, it ia a question relating to the intention of a single and unique work of a remarkable and original genius. But in its answer, could it be fully given, would lie a full exposition of the whole rehgious consciousness of the Greeks, both as regai-ds developement, and as regards condition at the time when the ti-agedy of which we are to speai was written. Of course such a question is not here advanced with the expectation of setting it at rest, eyen in my own mind. But as has been said, this one point may be the occasion of some interesting study in the department of Greek Theology, and thus may be the means of clearing up some features of a very important phase of ancient life. And thus, from this standpoint, the search after truth may be, in this case, much more profitable than the posseasion of the bare un Buggestive truth itself would be, had a fuller preservatidn of ancient worts of art left it in our Lands without any exertion on our part. In the investigation of the subject, I shall endeavor to reduce all the considerations under four heads; firat, a general statement of the problem tn its entirety; second, a statement and special diBCUB sion of a few of the theories that have been advanced in explanation of it; third, a general discussion of the religious condition of the Greets who heard the play originally; and fourth, the discussion of the question proper in the light of what will have been up to that time bi-ought forward. If material errors have been avoided we shall then have some idea perhaps of what influence achylus intended his drama to have upon his audience. It must be remembered however that the first two heads are in danger of lacking completeness and justness of treatment: that the thu-dhead may fail both as regards completeness, and as regards coi Tectuess; while the fourth head will have its own special dangers, in addition t
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