Cambrensis Everus


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Author  John Lynch
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 7, 2012
Pages  540

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I reland. Viewed merely as a refutation of Giraldus de Barry, it is on some points unsuccessful; but its comprehensive plan, embracing a great variety of welldigested and accurate information on every period of I rish history, imparts to it a value entirely independent of the controversial character inscribed on its title-page. A summary of the work is found at the close of the first chapter. The Introduction must be confined to a biographical notice, including some views of the author on his own times. John Lynch, the author, was one of those eminent men who rose with such promise about the close of Elizabeth sreign, and, within less than half a century, restored, both at home and in foreign universities, the literary honor of their country. He was contemporary of Rothe, Ussher, Fleming, Colgan, Ward, Stephen White, Wadding, and Ware, names which nearly exhaust the catalogue of our standard authorities, as well as ofO Flaherty, the Four Masters, Keating, and Mc Firbis, who are less familiar to foreign scholars, but justly prized by all who have studied those domestic records to which they applied their honest zeal and successful industry.
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