Celtic Scotland


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Author  William Forbes Skene
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 30, 2012
Pages  548

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This volume completes the task wliicli the author set before himself of illustrating the history of Scotland during the Celtic period, when it bore the name of A lban, and of endeavouring to dispel these fables which have hitherto obscured it. Like the other volumes, this third volume forms in itself a substantive work. I ts title is Land and People and its subject The early land tenures and social condition of the Celtic inhabitants of Scotland (vol. i. p. 28). The real history of a country may be said only truly to commence when we come to deal with the social and political organisation of its population. The ethnology of the nations which compose it the history of its kings, their reigns, and the various wars in which they engaged the extension or restriction of the frontiers of their kingdom the introduction of Christianity and the establishment of a Christian Church, are all great landmarks and important features of its history; but still they are merely the outward bulwarks of the kingdom as a whole, and present it to us in its external relations only.
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