The Pantheon, or Fabulous History of the Heathen...


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Author  Samuel Boyse
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 12, 2012
Pages  344

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Wi Ehave here no defign to raife the reputation of this work, by depreciannsr the many others that have already been pubhihed on this fubjed; it is fufficient for us to fay, that we have followed a plan entirely new, and, at ihe fame time, fuch an one as appeared to us much more ufeful, more rational, and lefs dry thau any that has gone before it. As all works of this kind muft necel Tarily confift of materials colleded from other authors, no ex pence, no labour has been fpared; the mod celebrated works on this fubject have been confulted and compared with each other, and it has frequently happened, that fcattered hints, widely difperfed, have ferved to clear up the moll difficult and intricate meanings, to a degiee of demonftration; but amongft all the authors to which we have had recourfe, we mufl here parr ticularly acknowledge the great advantage we have received from that ingenious gentleman, the Abbe Pluche, in his biftory of the heavens.
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