A Handbook for Travellers in Central Italy...


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Author  John Murray
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 30, 2012
Pages  514

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The Editor of the Handbook for Central Italy is very solicitous to be favoured with corrections of any mistakes or omissions which may be discovered by persons who have made use of the book. Those communications will be especially welcome which are founded upon personal knowledge, and accompanied by the name of the writer to authenticate them Travellers willing to make such communications are requested to have the kindness to address them to the Editor of the Handbook, care of Mr. Murray, Albemarle Street. Caution to Travellers. By a recent A ct of Parliament, the introduction into England of foreign pirated Editions of the -works of British authors, in which the copyright subsists, is totally prohibited. Travellers will therefore bear in mind that even a single copy is contraband, and is liable to seizure at the English Custom-house. Caution to Innkeepers and others. The Editor of the Handbooks has learned from various quarters that a person or persons have of late been extorting money from innkeepers, tradespeople, artists, and others, on the Continent, under pretext of procuring recommendations and favourable notices of them and their establishments in the Handbooks for Travellers. The Publisher therefore thinks proper to warn all whom it may concern, that reconmiendations in the Handbooks are not to be obtained by such means, and that the individuals alluded to are not only unauthorised, but are totally unknown to him. All those, therefore, who put confidence in such promises, or in persons who go about to collect advertisements under the pretence of being agents of the Publisher, may rest assured that they will be defrauded of their money without attaining their object. 1860. No attention can be paid to letters from Hotel-keepers in praise of their own inns; and the postage of them is so onerous that they cannot be received.
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