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Author  J. A. Cramer
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 6, 2012
Pages  434

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Migrations and history of the Phrygians Different parts of Asia Minor to which the name of Phrygia has been applied Greater Phrygia, its boundaries and divisions Topography Lycaonia Sketch of its history Description. Herodotus relates that Psamniitichus, king of Egypt, having made an experiment to discover vihich was the most ancient nation of the world, ascertained that the Phrygians surpassed all other people in priority of existence. (II. 2.) The story itself is childishly absurd; but the fact that the Egyptians allowed the highest degree of antiquity to this nation is important, and deserves attention. What the Greeks knew of the origin of the Phrygians does not accord, however, with the Egyptian hypothesis. Herodotus has elsewhere reported that they originally came from Macedonia, where they lived under the name of Briges, and that when they crossed over into Asia this was changed to Phryges. (VII. 73.) This account has been generally followed by subsequent writers, especially Strabo, (VII. p. 295.) who appears to quote Xanthus and Menecrates of Elaea, A rtemidorus, and other writers, who made the origin of nations and cities the object of their inquiries. (XII. p. 572. XIV. p. 680. Cf. Plin. ,VOL.
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