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Author  J. H. Westcott
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 6, 2012
Pages  484

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This volume is an attempt to present in simple and convenient form the assistance needed by young students making their first acquaintance with Livy. Much has been stated that would seem unnecessary, had not the editors experience in the class-room shown him the contrary. On the other hand, that fulness of illustration which apparently aims to supersede the function of the teacher has been carefully avoided. The text is that of Weissenborn ciira H. J. Mtiller), Weidmann, Berlin; a very few changes are mentioned in the notes as they occur. To that edition the present editor acknowledges his chief indebtedness in the preparation of the Introduction and Notes, though he has also availed himself freely of the assistance of other books and editors, especially those cited at the end of the introduction. There has been no attempt to make the orthography absolutely uniform, or to adopt always the so-called classical spelling. Such an orthography represents a state of things which never existed in ancient times; and the very variety of spelling should be instructive to the student who has progressed far enough to read Livy. The selection of the three books contained in this volume is not merely sanctioned by long usage, but rests upon good reason. Book I. forms a unit by itself, a prose epic, dealing with the mythical age of the Roman kings, while Books XXI. and XXII. not only exhibit the authors style in its mature perfection, but also deal with the most thrilling and momentous crisis of the Roman republic. Princeton, N.J., November,
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