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Author  Herodotus Herodotus
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 9, 2012
Pages  624

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Herodotus wrote, will read his writings either in the original, or some translation which may be found to represent his meaning with the greatest fidelity Those how wish to acquire a knowledge ot the author himself, other than that which they may glean from incidental remarks in his history, will have recourse to some one of the authors who have given an account of his life and writings. These are so numerous, and so easy of access, that it seems unnecessary, by adding to their number, to increase the bulk of the present volume. It will be sufficient to inform the student in what respect the present translation professes to differ from those which have preceded it. Five have, at intervals, made their appearance. The first was that by Beloe, which, though flowing and easy in style, was rather a translation from an indifferent French version than froiu -H eoriginal Greek.
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