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Author  Emma Leslie
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 10, 2012
Pages  282

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Christianity had to contend at its first introduction to the great centres of civilization. It was opposed not merely by the dominant religion and the prevalent philosophies of the world, but the whole structure of society formed a barrier to its progress which seemed insurmountable. It was an age of atheism and of superstition, of tyranny and slavery, of boundless wealth and abject poverty, of reckless cruelty and selfish luxury. Faith and hope had almost died out from amongst men. Nothing is more remarkable in the literature of the period than the tone of deep despair which everywhere prevailed. Darkness covered the earth, gross darkness the people. Christianity entered into conflict with all these evils armed with no other weapon than the simple story of the cross, told in loving words by faithful, prayerful men.
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