Lost Mosaics and Frescoes of Rome of the Mediaeval...


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Author  Charles Rufus Morey
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 6, 2012
Pages  96

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Lost Mosaics and Frescoes of Rome of the Mediaeval Peatod ;a publication of drawings contained in the collection or Cassiano dal Pozzo, now in the Royal Library, Windsor y Castle; C. R. Morey ;77 pp., 7pi., 17 fig. Princeton (U niversity Press); London (H umphrey Milford), 8s. 6, $2.00. In 1762, a great collection of drawings and prints, which had been one of the chief possessions of the library of Cardinal A lbani, was bought by George III. It is now in the library at Windsor Castle. The major portion of this collection consists of the drawings assembled by the Commendatore Cassiano dal Pozzo, who died in 1657. A mong the first sixteen volumes of the collection, in which these are preserved, are two volumes labelled Mosaici A ntichi .T he name is misleading, Mr. Morey tells us, for most of the drawings are copies, not of mosaics, but of frescoes and objects of minor arts, of Christian origin. They are chiefly done in pen and colour or wash, with the addition of gold in the case of mosaics; and appear to have been executed at various dates, during the last years of the 16th oentury, and the first half of the 17th century. It is from these volumes that the drawings, now published for the first time, have been drawn. They are copies of mosaics and frescoes which once decorated the churches of Rome, but which are now destroyed, either in whole, or in part; or are so much changed by restoration, or repainting, as to bear little resemblance to their original appearance .T he first section of the book deals with the fresco which once decorated the apse of S. Lorenzo in Lucina, a work probably of the 12th century, of which no traces now remain. The changes which time has brought about in the tribune mosaics of S. Francesca Romana, formerly S. Maria Nuova, in the apsidal mosaics of S. Teodoro and SS. Cosma e Damiano the last easily the most beautiful in Rome, are se
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