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Author  Augustus Frederick Nightingale
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 9, 2012
Pages  80

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Hand-book represents in the selection of colleges the maximum and minimnm requirements for admission to any meritorious college in the United States. In the selection of institutions, the aim has been, not to imply that those excluded donot rank equally high with many here mentioned, but to represent the different sections of the country, the leading denominational colleges, and a few of the most important State universities of the West. An average of the requirements to enter the colleges represented in the book will admit a student to the Freshman class of any college or university not named so that it becomes a chart of universal application to the colleges of the United States. A thorough knowledge of the Latin and Greek Grammar, including prosody, is required to enter the classical course of any good college, and marked proficiency in the common English branches especially grammar or language is insisted upon for entrance to both classical and scientific courses. In addition to the two general courses, classical and scientific, most of the colleges have a Latin scientific course, for entrance to which French or Germanis substituted for Greek. The State universities and many of the others have, also, courses in Civil Engineering, Mining Engineering, and in Architecture and Design. Most of the colleges now furnish, in the last two years of the classical and scientific courses, a wide range of polytechnic studies, from which students may generally select. Requirements for admission to any of the courses except classical, are generally the same as for admission to the scientific course. A complete list of the colleges and universities of the LT nited States is given, with miscellaneous addenda which will be of interest to all the patrons and friends of higher education.
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