Thucydides, Vol. 1


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Author  Thucydides Thucydides
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 13, 2012
Pages  430

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The notes in this edition are for the use of readers of Thucydides in the upper forms of schools and in universities and university colleges. The introductions are intended rather for teachers. To avoid repetition, remarks on grammar and on the use of particular words have been as far as possible thrown into the grammar notes and glossary at the end of vol. ii. In the notes on the text, not more than one way, or at the most two, of interpreting a disputed passage has been given. Such passages are seldom very important for the history; the difference in the sense made by difference of interpretation is often small; and no great profit is to be got by arguing about them in print. A s, however, the interpretation preferred in the notes may seem wrong to some readers, alternative explanations have been given in the footnotes and in the appendix to the notes, together with discussions on points of Greek antiquities which are too long for insertion in the notes themselves. The notes are printed separately from the text, in accordance with the plan of the series in which the edition appears. I hope to proceed with other books of Thucydides in the same or a somewhat different form. I have not sufficient knowledge of MSS. to attempt anything like a critical edition.
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