Orations Against Philip, Vol. 2


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Author  Demosthenes Demosthenes
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 2, 2012
Pages  210

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The Peace of Philocrates, 346-340 B.C. From 357 B.C. the Athenians had been at war with Philip 1for the recovery of A mphipolis. A large sum of money had been spent (A eschines mentions 1500 talents, about ;330,ooo), and yet the war had been nothing but .f Ma catalogue of losses. Pydna, Potidaea, Methone peace had followed A mphipolis ;E uboea had broken loose from A thens; the larger islands of the new confederation, Corcyra, Chios, Rhodes, had asserted their independence, or passed into the control of foreign potentates. Through the whole of the ten years which elapsed from the capture of A mphipolis to the fall of Olynthus, disaster had accompanied the Athenian arms. No doubt the failure was due to their own inaction. Nothing effective could be accomplished without personal service on the part of the citizens, and large A thens contributions were needed in order to provide the sinews of war. But the Athenians would neither serve nor contribute. In vain had Demosthenes urged the absolute necessity of shaking off the fatal lethargy; the popular party, led by Eubulus and his friends, were unwilling to risk their position by unpleasant proposals, and the people naturally listened the most readily to those who made the fewest demands upon them. At length even Demosthenes was forced to confess that more would be gained by making peace than by continuing a war, which was no war at all. On the other part, Philip, prr was most unwilling to bring matters to a crisis. a;Y.
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