The Clouds of Aristophanes


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Author  Aristophanes Aristophanes
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 3, 2012
Pages  260

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A ristophaites was the son of Fhilippus, an Athenian dtizen, belonging to the Cydathenaean borough and the Pandionian tribe. The dates of his birth and death are equally unknown. He is said to have been a mere youth when he first employed himself in writing comedy; and as his earliest piece, The Revellers, was brought out B. C. 427, the approximate date of his birth has been assumed as B. c. 444, on the supposition that the words of the scholiast, Gxt8(iv ui Qaxiaxog, designate about the age of seventeen. His last recorded representation in his own name was that of the Second Plutus, B. c. 388, one year before the peace of A ntalcidas, and in the fifty-sixth year of the poets life. It is stated in the Greek argument, that he resigned his two later pieces, the Cocalos and the .E olosicon, to his son A raros, who had been introduced to the theatrical public as an actor in the Plutus. The probability is, that Aristo See note on line 530.
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