Second Oration of Cicero Against Catiline...


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Author  Marcus Tullius Cicero
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 5, 2012
Pages  110

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Tllllills Cicero, the greatest name in Roman literature, was born near A rpinum, a town of Latium, january 3rd, B.C. I06. His father, a man of large views and liberal culture, belonged to the eyuilcs, and possessed an hereditary estate in the neighbourhood of the town. To give his sons, Marcus and Quintus, that education which could not be obtained at a provincial school, he removed to Rome, where the young Ciceros were placed under the best teachers of the day. From A elius they learned philosophy; from A rchias, the mechanism of verse, though not the inspiration of poetry. A translation of the PhÂZâlZ07IZÂâl Zdand Prognostics of A ratus, and a mythological poem on the fable of Ponlius Gaucus were the first fruits of Ciceroâ genius. On assuming the lam 1zrilz1sÂ, B.C. 89, Cicero attached himself to the jurist Scaevola, who was then in the zenith of his fame. In the following year he served a brief campaign in the Social War under Cn. Pompeius Strabo, the father of Pompey the Great. Philosophical studies had, however, more attractions for him than arms. Under Philo, the A cademic, and Diodotus, the Stoic, he laid the foundation of that Eclecticism which is so observable in his philosophical works. At the age of 25 he pleaded his first cause, and in the following year he defended Sextus Roscius of A meria, who had been accused of parricide by Chrysogonus, one of Syllaâs favourites. In this cause he Birth. 5R emoves to Roe BC 92 Early tearters. Early works. Assumes the toga uralzs f! Qt Serves his fi sr tam,,, B. C. 88. Studies
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