The Highlands and Western Isles of Scotland, Containing...


The Highlands and Western Isles of Scotland, Containing Descriptions of Their Scenery and Antiquities, With an Account of the Political History ... the Years 1811 and 1821 in, Vol. 4 of 4

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Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 11, 2012
Pages  492

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Callimachus has said about a book, when it arrives at a fourth volume. The minutest Grecian has those four Greek words, at least, by heart; and the most slender wit can quote what is omnibus lippis notum et tonsoribus. What could Callimachus have known about big books. Did he ever read the Statutes at large, or eight volumes of the Life of A ntar, or the lucubrations of Duns Scotus, or the Works of Pere .M acedo, or the seven folios of Count Marsigly on the Danube, or Van Swieten s Commentaries on Boerhaave s Aphorisms, or Sir Charles Grandison, or the 36525 volumes of Trismegistus. Four octavoes! Have I not described two hundred islands, and a thousand mountains and lakes, and heaven knows how many miles of heath, and bog, and salt sea brine, besides forests, and cascades, and rivers innumerable. On Count Marsigly splan, the very rivers alone are entitled to four hundred folios. Pliny understood those things better. Bonus liber, says Pliny, melior est quisque, quo major. A right sensible remark; as this is certainly becoming a Meya B3xov as fast as it can. Such is the consequence of travelling. Yet does not a man travel to enquire de omni scibili, and must he not fill up his pages with all the quibus dams which belong to such matters. Cardan was accused of making digressions that he might eke out his sheet, because he was paid by the foot. It is probable that he was a writer of reviews. The personage who VOL. IV.
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