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Author  F. Cv Hodgson
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 6, 2012
Pages  500

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The chronicle of John the Deacon was formerly known as that of Sagomino, because the name of John Sagommo, an ironsmith, is signed to a memorandum written on a blank space ad caktm and this was erroneously supposed to be the name of the author. It was edited under this name in the middle of the eighteenth century, and is so quoted in so late a work as Romanin s Storia Doamut Uaia, The memorandum really relates to an appeal which Sagornino made to Pietro Barbolano (doge. 1026 to 1031) and Dominico Flabianico (doge 1032 to 1043) against the Gastaldo, or Head of the Corporation of Smiths, for a grievance connected with some corv6e due by the smiths to the doges palace, and is interesting as the earliest record of any corporation or Arte at Venice: but has nothing to do with the chronicle. The attribution of the latter to John the Deacon rests upon the fact that, in his account of Otto III sfamous visit to Venice, the chronicler relates things that could have been known only to the Emperor, the doge, and John the Deacon. John was a person of consideration, who, as we know from documentary evidence, was sent to the Emperor at A achen in the year 995, as an envoy from the doge. This mission is mentioned in our chronicle, without the name of the envoy, and in the minute account of the Emperor sjourney from Pomposia to Venice the Deacon John is mentioned more than once, but without any intimation that he is the writer himself. He is mentioned in several other Page 150 in Monticolo s Cron, Venez, A nt, ., pp.
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