Sicily, the Garden of the Mediterranean


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Author  W. S. Monroe
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 19, 2012
Pages  518

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Thb present volume is the result of a tonr through Sicily during the past winter (1908- 1909) and rather extended study of the history and the literature of the island. The aim of the author has been (1) to interest the general reader of travel and description, (2) to inform prosi ective tourists to the Garden of the Mediterranean, and (3) to refresh the memories of those who may have already made the tour. With these three classes of readers in mind, it has been necessary to cover a rather wide range of subjects of more or less popular interest. As in his other books of travel, the author has placed special emphasis on the distinctly human side of the subject; and, while not neglecting the geography of the island and its diverse physical features, it has been, after all, the Sicilians themselves their manners, customs, habits and institutions that have received the lions share of the book.
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