The Awakening of Japan


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Author  Okakura Okakura
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 5, 2012
Pages  248

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Okakura-K akuzo, the author of this work and of The I deals of the East, was bom in the year 1868. Having been, as he has said, from early youth fond of old things, after leaving college in 1880 he interested himself in the formation of clubs and societies for archaeological research. The Japanese Renaissance, begun at the end of the eighteenth century, sufl Tered a brief check during the civil commotion following the opening of the coimtry after the arrival of the American Conmiodore Perry. The work of Okakura was a resumption of that begun by the earlier scholars. In 1886 this scholarly yoimg enthusiast was sent to America and Europe as a commissioner to report on Western art education.
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