An Archaeological Guide to Walking Hadrian's...


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Author  M.C. Bishop
Publisher  The Armatura Press
Publication Date   July 27, 2012
Pages  254


This is an informative (yet informal) description of the route of Hadrian's Wall and all the remains that can still be seen. For most of the route from west to east, it follows the Hadrian's Wall National Trail Footpath, but with an important difference: where the path veers off the line of the Wall, this account stays with it and allows you to examine the remains most other walkers do not see (and most other guidebooks do not describe). Profusely illustrated with more than 100 photographs and plans, it is the perfect archaeological companion to your walk along Hadrian's Wall, regardless of whether you take it with you on your ebook reader or smartphone, or prefer to sit in the comfort of your favourite armchair and let others experience the rain and blisters whilst you enjoy the text and pictures. Written by an archaeologist who has walked, driven, cycled, flown, illustrated, photographed, and even excavated on Hadrian's Wall, this is the second of a new series of accessible guides to 'that famous wall'.

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