An Epitome of the Civil and Literary Chronology...


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Author  Henry Fynes Clinton
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 2, 2012
Pages  576

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Epitome is on tlie plan of the Epitome of the Fasti Hellenici, to which it may be considered as a sequel, or as a second volume. The arrangement is similar: that is, the quotations and references are generally omitted; the facts and narratives are retained. The same distribution of subjects is followed as in the larger work, except in some few particulars where an alteration was desirable. In the larger work the Tables terminate at the year 578, and the sixty-three years which follow are placed in the A ppendix, and in the second Volume: but in the Tables of this Epitome the years are given in one uninterrupted series, beginning at A.D. 15, and ending at A.D. 641. At the close of the section containing the list and account of Emperors, the genealogies of the Merovingian, Carlovingian, and Capetian dynasties are added. In the section on Scripture Chronology some new matter will be found which is not in the larger work.
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