The Campaign of Plataea


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Author  Henry B. Wright
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 1, 2012
Pages  150

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Campaign of Plataea in the Yale Classical Seminary of 1900-1901 suggested this monograph. To Professor Perrin slectures at that time and to his frequent suggestions since are due in largest measure the spirit and method of the work. Macau sadmirable critical examination of the battle of Marathon (H erodotus Bks. IV-VI, Vol. 2, Appendix 10) has been freely consulted and followed in many details; but in general his plan of treatment has been more adapted than adopted. Writing from the standpoint of a student of Herodotus rather than of ancient history (p. 150), he has taken the Periclean revision of Herodotus as his starting point. While this is perhaps a perfectly safe way to approach an Athenian battle like Marathon, it would manifestly gfive Athenian tradition an unfair advantage in the case of a Spartan victory like Plataea. The documents which preceded the Periclean revision of Herodotus are therefore taken as the starting point in the present discussion. In the critical study of the evidence, both literary and monumental, Langlois and Seignobos Introduction to the Study of History (translated by Berry) and Wachsmuth s Einleitung in das Studium der Alien Geschichte have been invaluable guides. The collection of the documents which preserve the tradition of the campaign has been greatly facilitated by the many sourcereferences in Busolt s Griechische Geschichte, Vol. 2, pp. 600-745, Meyer s Geschichte des A lterthums, Vol. 3, Heermance s Materials in the Attic Orators for a History of the Persian Wars (unpublished doctors thesis), and Perrin s Plutarch s Themistocles and A ristides. The investigations of Hunt P apers of the American School of Classical Studies at A thens, Vol. 5, pp. 271 ff.
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