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Author  Marcus Tullius Cicero
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 7, 2012
Pages  720

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Select Letters of Cicero for the Clarendon Press Series at the suggestion of the late Professor Conington, to whose advice and criticisms I was much indebted in the earlier part of my work. The text which I have adopted is that of Baiter and Kayser sedition, Leipzig, 1860-69. In the few cases not exceeding ten or twelve in which I have departed from it, I have always referred to the departure in a note, and in the majority of them I have merely substituted the reading of the MS. which Baiter recognizes as of sole or highest authority. I have not always adopted Baiter spunctuation, and have departed at times from his spelling, for the sake of clearness or of uniformity. This does not pretend to be a critical edition of the letters, but I have thought that some of those who use it may be glad to have an account, even imperfect, of the manuscripts laid before them. My knowledge of manuscript readings is mainly derived from the editions ofO relli, Baiter and Kayser, Hofmann, Tyrrell, and Wesenberg; suggestions of other scholars, among whom I may especially name MM. Cobet, Lehmann, andS treicher, and Mr. L. C. Purser, will be found in the notes. For the letters Ad Familiares theM edicean MS. (P lut. XLIX, No. IX) is, according to Baiter, the sole original authority, except one page of aT urin palimpsest. The Medicean referred to by critics as M. is thought to belong to the ninth or tenth century, and, with an early copy (P lut. XLIX, VII), is kept in theL aurentian library atF lorence. The discovery of 1I have incorporated with this Preface a considerable portion of that to the first edition.
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