The Coin Collector's Manual, or Guide to...


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Author  Henry Noel Humphreys
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 5, 2012
Pages  398

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The knowledge of ancient coins and their associated sources has been justly termed by the celebrated Mionnet une magnifique branched archeologie; and it is to this Branch (not overrated in the epithet of Mionnet), that the resent work is devoted. Since the -time of Pinkerton, whose entertaining but now mperfect work has always been read with pleasure, no English treatise has appeared embracing the whole subject, svhich is not either too scanty to satisfy the curiosity of the 3ducated inquirer, or too technical and voluminous. It has, therefore, been the authors aim, in the present svork, to adopt that juste milieu which shall embody information, sufficiently copious and accurate, and yet clear of technicalities and minutiae. One principal advantage of the present volume consists in its strictly chronological arrangement.
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