Historical Roman Coins from the Earliest Times...


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Author  George Francis Hill
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 4, 2012
Pages  242

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A cs grave :the early heavy circular coinage of bronze of Rome and I taly. Seep. 11. A cs rude :the amorphous lumps of bronze used as currency in Italy before the introduction of coinage proper. See pp. 13, 14. A cs signatum: a term applied to the large quadrilateral bricks issued by the Roman mint. See p. 13. As :a bronze coin originally corresponding in weight to the libra or pound ;afterwards reduced. See p. 6and passim. Attic Standard: see Euboic-A ttic. A lireus: a gold coin, usually equivalent to 25 denarii. See Nos. 51, 55, 56, 58, etc. Bigatus :a coin of which the type is a two-horse chariot. See p. 60. Blank: see Flan. Gampanian Standard :a standard derived from the Phoenician, the didrachm weighing 776 grammes (later reduced to 682 grammes). Canting Type or Symbol: a type or symbol which indicates, by means of a pun, the person or state to which it refers, as the flamens cap of Flamininus. Cast Coins: see Struck. Coin: a piece of metal (or, exceptionally, some other convenient material) artificially shaped and marked with a sign or type as a guarantee of its quality and weight, and issued by some responsible authority, to serve primarily as a medium of exchange, in terms of which the value of exchangeable commodities can be expressed. Distinguished from a token by having or being supposed to have an intrinsic value more or less nearly approaching the value imposed upon it by the issuing authority. Countermark :a small mark impressed on a coin, usually by some person other than the issuing authority, and intended to give the coin fresh currency.
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