Select Orations of Cicero


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Author  Marcus Tullius Cicero
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 6, 2012
Pages  784

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The present volume, though a revision of Allen Greenough s Cicero (edition of 1886), following in general the same lines, is practically an entirely new work, since the notes have been almost wholly rewritten, and very extensive additions have been made. The revising editors have kept constantly in mind the original design, which gave prominence to matters of historical and political interest. They have, however, for lack of room, reluctantly omitted the Oration for Sestius as that least read by pupils of the age for whom this book must be intended. Though in pursuance of the original design the orations are arranged in chronological order, yet, by the fuller annotation of Roscius and the Catilines, care has been taken to enable teachers to begin with either, according to their judgment or habit. The revisers hope that in many respects the new edition will be found superior to the old. The admirable historical and political work of the late Prof. W. F. Allen has not been reduced, but collected into introductory chapters for convenience of continued reading and reference.- The grammatical discussions have been very much increased, the revisers having found, by instructive experience, that in order to profit by a book the pupil must be able to read it, and for this a knowledge of the usages of the language is indispensable.
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