Achilles & Hector


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Author  Agnes Spofford Cook Gale
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 4, 2012
Pages  176

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Iliad is a tragedy. It is without the buoyant spirit that speaks in every tale of the Odyssey and makes the latter such a perennial source of joy for readers of all ages. The religion of the Iliad is fatalism, destiny and the arbitrary will of the gods mock the best efforts of the hero, shatter his lance, and break his bowstring. It may be questioned whether a story with such an atmosphere of gloom should be given to children. But on the other hand, the heroes of the Iliad are great men; what they do they do with all their might; they are willing to work for others without reward; and they are withal so clean, brave, healthy, and honest, that almost any of them is worthy the admiration of a boy of ten. If he feels the pathos of the story, and at the same time learns the lesson that a hero is able and willing to do more and get less for it than other people, he will be influenced only for good by reading the brave old story. A. C. G. Chicagoy September,
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