The Saxon and the Celt


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Author  John Mackinnon Robertson
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 9, 2012
Pages  378

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Some repetitions occur in the following chapters, in respect that certain points touched on in their order in the two main treatises are also dealt with in one or other of the critiques which follow. It seemed advisable to let such iterations occur, at the risk of some objection, by way of preserving whatever degree of completeness was attained in the different sections. The reason for including the separate critiques in the volume is that, written as they were to rebut particular writings, they may still serve their purpose for readers who can take more interest in a special polemic than in a general discussion or exposition. It may perhaps be well to anticipate one other probable objection, of a more important kind. This book is avowedly put together partly by way of discrediting the habit, common among the opponents of the I rish nationalist movement, of setting down I rish difficulties to peculiarities of character in the I rish race: and it is likely that I shall be told, for one thing, that the practice in question is kept in countenance by those who allege I rish peculiarities as a reason for an I rish legislature; and for another, that some eminent members of the Unionist party or school have repudiated the tenet. Both of these rejoinders would be true. It is true that some I rish Nationalists, and some of their English sympathisers, persist in ascribing to the I rish people peculiarities of character which, apart from other considerations, necessitate Home Rule. Some on that side candidly specify even faults. Even such a pro-I rish writer as M. Paul Foumier is found avowing, in respect of the laxity of old I rish land tenures, that everything in I reland is uncertain and mobile, like the Celtic genius, as inconstant as it is lively and penetrating. On this head I can but say that, seeking La Question A graire en I rlande, 1882, p. 9.
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