Thucydides, Vol. 1


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Author  Thucydides Thucydides
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 2, 2012
Pages  440

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Preface, interpretation and textual criticism are sufficiently independent of each other to justify a certain division of labour; and for nine readers of a school and college edition out of ten, anything beyond a minimum of textual criticism is unnecessary. I have therefore retained Bekker stext, with a very few changes in punctuation. These have mostly been indicated in the footnotes, together with some of the most important various readings and a few well-known emendations of passages presenting obvious difficulties. Something of this kind is necessary if only to remind the reader that the received text of an author at any given time does not represent any single MS., and that no single MS. can possibly represent the work as it came from the authors hand. But, although for these reasons critical questions have not been treated fully in the course of the notes, I should be sorry to underrate their importance as subsidiary to the work of interpretation, or the valuable contributions which have been made by recent discussions of them to the next really great critical edition of Thucydides, which may be destined to supersede Bekker as Madvig s Li has superseded earlier texts. In particular, some expression of opinion, however unauthoritative, may be expected about the view that the text of Thucydides has been extensively corrupted by glosses, or more properly adscripts ;viz. marginal or interlinear notes, which have accidentally been written out by copyists as part of the text; a view chiefly associated with the name of Cobet, and recently maintained at length in this country by Dr. Rutherford and Professor Marchant I. It is quite certain, from a comparison of the MSS. and the scholia, that, in some MSS. at least, explanatory words For criticisms on these opinions by scholars who write with authority, see Herbst, Ueber Cobets Emendationcn zu Thulcydides, and Z
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