Cicero Against Catiline


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Author  Marcus Tullius Cicero
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 30, 2012
Pages  80

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In one of Ciceroâs many confidential letters to his friend Atticus he asks, â? What will history ay of me six hundred years hence? â Thrice six hundred years have flown and history still vacillates between senseless censure and sycophantish praise regarding Cicero the statesman :regarding Cicero the orator the almost universal verdict is, and has ever been, -micat inter omues velut inter ignes Luna. minores. Every succeeding generation acquiesces in the judgment of the pre ceding and adds the weight of its authority to the ever accumulating glory of the illustrious Roman. Without the charm of his living voice, Without the subtle spell of his urbanity and personal magnetism, Cicero still by the eloquence of the ilcnt page holds undisputed sway in the realms of oratory. The Catilinarian speeches have always been regarded with peculiar favor, both on account of their intrinsic merit and on account of the thrilling interest of the events that pro duced them. This little book contains the first of the four speeches,-one of the prose selections to be read for the next three years by candidates for University Matriculation and for Teachersâ Certificates.
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