The Slavs


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Author  Ludwik Ehrlich
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 17, 2012
Pages  36

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Byzantine I must extend it further Mongolian-M uscovite culture. ... This culture was not able to bear the light of the eighteenth century, still less that of the nineteenth, and now, in this twentieth century, it breaks out and threatens us this unorganized mob, this mob of A sia; like the sands of the desert it would sweep down over our harvest fields; .. .our culture, the chief treasure of mankind, was in large part, yes, almost wholly, intrusted to three peoples: to us, to the A mericans, and to the English. .. .T wo still remain. 1I need hardly remind you that this last was a comment on England shaving dared to ally herself with Russia. A bout the same time two other famous German scholars, Eucken (professor of philosophy at Jena) and Haeckel (professor of zoology at Jena), issued two appeals in which they said: England fights in behalf of a Slavic, half Asiatic power against Germanism2; .. .R ussia .. .wanted to raise the Muscovites against the Germans and the Western Slavs, and to lead Asia into the field against Europe. :A nd in the middle of 1915 a manifesto of numerous German professors said again: ... we Germans rose as one man, from the highest to the meanest, realizing that we must defend not only our external life but also our inner, spiritual and moral life in short, defend German and European Kultur against barbarian hordes from the east. These words may have had a new meaning to you. To us in the east of Europe German opinions expressed in such language have been known for centuries. Whenever there was a question of extending German power eastward there has always been at hand some one ready to invite the 1N ew York Times Current History, I, 199 f. 2I bid., 535. 3I bid., 536. 4I bid., I ll, 163.
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