Japan to Her Allies


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Author  Japan Association For Aiding The Sick And Wounded Countries
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 2, 2012
Pages  68

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The object of the Association is Wounded Soldiers and Others Sufti take suitable steps for effecting this II )show Japan ssincere sympathy to the Sick and ng from the Warin the Allied countries and to pirpose. The Office of the Association presentatives in the Imperial Diet. Ill hall be on the premises of the House of ReIV The Association shall solicit conlributions above specified ;and no contribution The following shall comprise th( officers of the A ssociation: (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) (0 A President Two Vice-P resident An Executive Comiittee Two Auditors General Committee AB oard of Councilbrs The selection of a proper Envo relation to his despatch with the Fun IS tate authorities. from the general public for the object fless than ten yen shall be accepted. VI The term during which subscript )ns shall be received expires on March 31, 1917. VII to the Allied Countries and all procedure in shall be duly decided in consultation with the VIII All the more important affairs ofthe Association shall be duly brought before the Board of Councillors and decided withithe approval ofthe President ofthe A ssociation; and all minor affairs may be decided by the General Committee in session. The general affairs of the Association shaj be managed by the Executive Committee, and its finances by the A uditors. The funds of the Association shall be received and handled by the First Bank, the Fifteenth Bank, the One Hundredth Bank, the Mitsui Bank, the Mitsu-B ishi Bank, the Yasuda Bank, the Sumitomo Bank (T okyo Branch) the Konoike Bank (T okyo Branch) and the Naniwa Bank (T okyo Branch). Provincial banks handling contributions of the Association shall be named later. f Tokyo, January,
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