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Author  Suetonius Suetonius
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 9, 2012
Pages  362

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Lum most of the writers of the Silver A ge, Gaius Suetonius Tranquillus is exceedingly reticent as to his early life. He states, however, that his father, Suetonius Laetus,â a military tribune, took part in the battle of Bedriacum, which was fought in the year 69 A.1. To this Eggâ âM meagre information with regard to his family, Suetoniusâ contemporaries add nothing. Not even the place of his birth is mentioned. Vossius, a Dutch scholar of the seventeenth century, suggestsâ that he was a native of cisalpine Gaul, but adduces nothing more convincing to support this theory than the fact that Suetoniusâ friend, Pliny the Younger, was a native of that region. The year of his birth, while quite uncertain, cannot be assigned to a later date than 75 A.D., as may be inferred from a passage cited later, in which he speaks of a pseudo-N ero at the court of Vologesus. A few personal references relating to the period of his youth are found in his writings. For example, in his life of Caligula, after stating the generally accepted theory that the emperor had built his bridge 1S ome editors read Levis. 2O tho 10, interfuit huic bello pater mens Suetonius Laetus, tertiae decimae legionis tribunus angusticlavius. â .D e Hint. I. 31.
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