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Author  Henry Noel Humphreys
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 9, 2012
Pages  450

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NrS ATBICAI fUS JU mCOB, BALBINUS, PUPIENITS, AND GOBDIANTIS PIUS, AND PHILIP THE ABABIAN (PBOM 218 TO 249 A.B.). The extent of this work and the great similarity which pervades the coins of these emperors prevent the possibility of describing examples of each reign, especially as the style of art falls off very rapidly after Septimus, and a dry, hard manner of execution becomes general. These princes all died untimely deaths after reigns of a few months each, the last two only excepted, who reigned respectively nearly five years. Of Maximiis, the son of Maximus, slain with his father, there are coins, though rare, of nearly every class except those of the Alexandrian mint. The denarii and the large and middle bronze are the most common, but all are rare. Marcus Antonius G-ordianus was a descendant of the ancient race of the Gracchi, and by his mother, XJ lpia Gordiana, of the Emperor Trajan: he was proclaimed emperor at Carthage ;but in the contest which ensued with Maximinus both he and his son were slain, A.n. 238, after a reign of five weeks. There are coins both of himself and his son, with the inscription IMP. CAES. MANT. GORDIANVS AFB. AVQ., and it is difl cult to distinguish one fipom the other, except by the style of the portraits. Those of the younger Gordian are extremely rare. Balbinus was of ancient Eoman family, being descended fi om Cornelius Balbus Theophanes, a friend of Pompey the Great, while Pupienus was the son of a poor mechanic, and had raised himself to an eminent position entirely by his own merit. These two personages were elected co-emperors by the senate in opposition to Maximinus; but the death of Maximinus, which almost immediately followed, removed all opposition to the senatorial choice. The Praetorian guarcl who considered it an interference with their own election of Maximinus, broke into the palace and murdered both emperor
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