Bridging the Atlantic


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Author  Philip Gibbs
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 3, 2012
Pages  294

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By SIR ARCHIBALD SINCLAIR I. THE SPIRIT OF DEMOCRACY THIS is an important book and it deserves the careful attention of all liberal-minded citizens on both sides of the A tlantic. Covering as they do the broad field of the common liberal faith of the two great democratic nations, the chapters of this book emphasize not only the ideals which are shared by the two countries but the support and stimulus which each derives from the other. George Washington, more than 150 years ago, paid tribute to the Benign Parent of the human race who had wonderfully preserved the American colonists and had destined their Revolution to be one of the great liberating influences in the history of the world. In those distant years of the 1770 sthe youthful Republic of America was painfully cutting the ties which bound it to England. During the century and a half which has passed since then, the Republic of the United States and the Kingdom of Great Britain have forged new ties of friendship, understanding and a common idealism. In the immortal words of Burke, These are ties which, though light as air, are as strong as links of iron. Washington sconfidence in the protection of the Benign Parent of the human race has been shared by generations of American statesmen even down to the present day. They have never failed to emphasize the Christian ideals of service and love for others on which the policies and ideals of progressive parties in the United States have always been firmly founded. So it has been with the long and illustrious history of liberal thought in Britain. Men of many creeds and races have been attracted to it because of the simple foundation of its teaching on a belief, not only in justice for all men, but in equality for all men whatever the power of their individual wealth may be, and whatever the power and influence of the class to which they belong may happen to
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